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Our Story

We are Mihirr, Sanika and Scooby!

We started Furritas soon after our 7 year old Lab, Scooby was diagnosed with Arthritis 2 years ago! It was a wake-up call when we realised that we were responsible for his situation and we didn’t really know what we had done wrong. Once we did, we knew we had to at least try to make sure that other pets did not suffer like ours!

One of the things we realised is that the Kibble food we were feeding Scooby was actually detrimental to his health. Over the last couple of years, after feeding him fresh food, we saw our Scoob-dum-dum go from limping after long walks to running again like a 3 year old dog - it was as if he aged in reverse!

Now, we have collected our learnings and prepared a free custom Nutrition Plan for every dog based on his/her age, size, activity level and body type so that pet parents have a better idea of what kind of food our dogs need - we wish someone had told us this a few years ago before Scooby’s diagnosis! We have also partnered with a few Fresh Food brands so that pets can try some of these recipes that are yummy as well as healthy.

We treat our pets like our children, and we wouldn’t allow our children to eat junk food everyday. This is our attempt to showcase healthy food options for our dogs, which give the convenience of Kibble, with the benefits of fresh ingredients!

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