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We make pets happy!

The idea to make her dog's favourite food began in June 2020, when Swarada baked small cookies for her dog, Luna, who at the time had just turned 2 months old. The next month , she baked her pup-cakes. Seeing how much Luna enjoyed both these treats, Swarada realised that other dogs will also enjoy these! Soon after, she also started feeding Luna home made chicken and rice, paneer, curd, etc., who enjoyed these more than kibble. This was her inspiration! She shared the pup-cakes with her other dogs as well and they loved them too! Seeing more and more puppers eating her super healthy baked treats and fresh meals, only made her happier. Do try the baked goodies and fresh food made with love by Bowls & Barks and they'll make sure your pet gets the best!