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Dhruangs dogs.jpg

Dhruvang Hingmire

The folks at furritas understand dogs so well, and our dogs too really love them! They're extremely prompt in their service, and most importantly very reliable! Would highly recommend this, especially if you are too busy to walk your dog once in a while, but you know that he/she needs the exercise.

Madhavis dog_edited.jpg

Madhavi Inamdar

I'm really glad I found furritas. I get so caught up in work sometimes that I delay my dog's walk. Now scooby gets to walk more than just twice a day and he is happier and healthier because of that.

Don't let your busy lifestyle get in the way of your dog's playtime.

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This is what our walkers have to say about their 'Job'

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Ever since I joined Furritas, I feel I haven’t worked even for a day - it is so much fun! Pawsome colleagues. Purrfectly pleasant atmosphere. And the icing on the cake is I get to spend time with dogs and contribute to their welfare! That’s a therapeutic privilege for me.



This is easily the best job I have ever had. Not only do I have the best time while walking all these dogs, but I've also formed a bond with all of them.