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Ace's Homecoming

Heylo Pet Parents! Every Monday and Thursday, we will bring for you a heartwarming Homecoming story of pets entering the lives and homes of their parents! We hope these stories bring a smile to your face and bring back fond memories of the day your doggo came into your life! 😊

My son got Ace from Aurangabad when he was only a few days old. By the time we came to Pune, Ace had turned two months old. Back then, I was not sure if and when I’d get accustomed to having a dog with us. However, I loved having him over and soon we not only got used to each other but also developed a solid bond.

Since we had just moved in, unpacking was in progress. Ace’s favorite thing to do was to run into cardboard boxes and play hide and seek. It was so much fun to see him do that, but at the same time, we had to be careful of him not getting hurt. Ace adapted very easily to his new home. He would sleep all day and play all night. Ace is a bundle of energy!

We named him Ace looking at his personality. He is a true leader, very dominant and authoritative. He throws attitude and tantrums like confetti! He is very close to me, so I am the only person he obeys.

Ace doesn’t like to be alone. Whenever we’re going out, he will be the first one to go and wait near the car. He just wants to accompany us everywhere! Long drives are his favorite thing to do. More than food, I must say.

Ace is six years old. As compared to his younger days, he has become much calmer. Earlier, he would never allow any person apart from the family members to step into the house. But now, he’s become quieter and much more resilient. However, he still wants all the attention to himself. You don’t give him attention and he goes bonkers! Like a child, he’ll go into the bedroom and sulk in a corner. All of us then, like you cheer up a toddler, convince him and cajole him into eating his dinner.

Having a dog at home with us is like nurturing a baby while he throws countless tantrums!

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