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Bruni's Homecoming

Heylo Pet Parents! Every Monday and Thursday, we will bring for you a heartwarming Homecoming story of pets entering the lives and homes of their parents! We hope these stories bring a smile to your face and bring back fond memories of the day your doggo came into your life! 😊

I was seven years old when my parents came to pick me up from my Abacus class. They told me that there was a surprise for me. They took me to a little pet shop on a busy Pune street. That is when I saw this little white furball. I felt like the luckiest kid because, unlike other kids, I had got a dog without even asking for it. We took her to nani’s place before taking her home. Everyone was so happy to meet her. On bringing her home, I immediately fetched my doll house from the storeroom and started building it for her. I wanted it to be a private space where only she and I could hang out. Instead of sitting in that dollhouse, she chose to sit near aaji’s legs. Being a notorious dog, she ran around the house with her filled water bowl, played around mom’s gown, and jumped on the furniture. With the support of the sofa, she used to climb up on the window platform to watch the happenings in the society garden. That platform soon became like a waiting spot for her whenever we went out.

We went back and forth on multiple names while naming her. We finally landed on naming her ‘Bruni’ as she responded to that name the most. One of her favorite pastimes was stealing dad’s socks from his shoes, as soon as he came home from the office. Coming home to destroyed clutches and footwear had become common for us. As a sign of protest for leaving her alone at home, she used to rip off the nose of my teddy bear. She soon got attached to aaji, as aaji used to feed her and take her out for walks. In around two months, she got acquainted with all our loved ones. She played well with kids and courageously barked at dogs twice her size during her walks.

I was too small to remember much of her early days. I wish I could have documented more of her early days. Even after being 15 and a half years old now, she still shows us her notorious side a bit.

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