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Oggy's Homecoming

Heylo Pet Parents! Every Monday and Thursday, we will bring for you a heartwarming Homecoming story of pets entering the lives and homes of their parents! We hope these stories bring a smile to your face and bring back fond memories of the day your doggo came into your life! 😊

Oggy initially belonged to Harsh’s friend. As his friend was busy, Harsh offered to foster Oggy for a week, which is when he met Oggy for the first time. Later, due to a busy schedule, Oggy was again given to Harsh right before the COVID-19 lockdown. Little did Oggy know that this time his foster home had become his permanent home. The 3-year-old labrador never showed any odd behavior. For him, every home was his home. Since his first day home, he has always been a disciplined and obedient dog.

Oggy is very picky when it comes to socializing with other dogs and humans, although he tends to dominate smaller dogs. One time, a lady was petting him in the lift, and when he went to her for the second time to be petted, she resented it. After that, he refused to be petted by her.

Any object that is lying on the floor of the house, Oggy considers it his property. Few days back, Harsh had got home a few dumbbells weighing around 2.5 kgs. As Oggy thought it was something for him, he picked up a dumbbell in his mouth and ran towards the balcony.

Whenever the Golden Retriever from the 10th floor starts barking, Oggy immediately barks back to mark his presence in the building. Like any other dog, he is possessive of his hooman. One day, to purposely tease Oggy, Harsh went to meet the Golden Retriever upstairs. Oggy barked non-stop as a protest, and when Harsh came home, Oggy didn't leave him alone for a moment. For him, home is simply where he is loved.

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