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Sandy's Homecoming

Heylo Pet Parents! Every Monday and Thursday, we will bring for you a heartwarming Homecoming story of pets entering the lives and homes of their parents! We hope these stories bring a smile to your face and bring back fond memories of the day your doggo came into your life! 😊

Sandy was 1.5 months old when we got him home in 2008. My only son, Yash, was in fourth grade then. Some of my friends had recommended getting a dog so he could be a sibling to Yash. I didn’t want Yash to be or feel alone. However, I was in a dilemma and wasn’t really sure about getting a dog. One of our family friends had gotten a pug at the same time so we went over to meet him. After listening to their experiences, we all agreed to get a dog!

Sandy’s first day in our house was eventful. He pooped, peed and created a mess, but to my surprise, Yash said he’d clean it up and he did! As a mother, I felt so proud and happy to see my child being responsible. Along with his father, Yash made sure Sandy was well-tended to. Right after returning home from school, he’d ask me if I’d given Sandy his meal.

Yash not only became responsible, but his screen time reduced drastically and he started spending his time productively. He would play with Sandy. It was like he’d got a little brother/best friend. He even started opening up and as a family, our communication improved so much and our bond grew stronger. All thanks to Sandy!

After adopting Sandy, we decided not to change his name. One of Sandy’s best traits is that he cannot bear two people fighting. He gets restless. Especially when I’d scold Yash when he was a kid, Sandy would literally pounce on me and bark continuously until I took a step back. As a kid, Sandy would tear all the cushion covers, but we never said a word. Sandy was known to pick things and carry them to his house and on the balcony. It could be anything from a pen to a broom. Sandy is an obedient boy; he knows he’s not allowed in the kitchen so he doesn’t even try.

Sandy is the closest to me. With time and age, he has become much calmer. However, one thing has stayed the same. Whenever any family member returns home, he still wags his tail like he used to, as a pup. He is a perfectionist when it comes to time. He requires all his meals on time.

Sandy turned 14 years old last month. Even though he isn’t active any more, he still expresses so much through his eyes - just like the day we brought him home!

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