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Tuffey's Homecoming

Heylo Pet Parents! Every Monday and Thursday, we will bring for you a heartwarming Homecoming story of pets entering the lives and homes of their parents! We hope these stories bring a smile to your face and bring back fond memories of the day your doggo came into your life! 😊

In 2012, Dad was working on one of his projects in Aurangabad. My summer holidays had just begun, so me and mom tagged along. On the completion day of the project, the client gave us a farewell gift. Yes, it was adorable, and nope, it wasn't a materialistic thing. In fact, it was a cute little pom! The newborn hadn't even opened his eyes and was like a ball of fur. I was barely eight years-old back then and instantly loved him for I'd gotten a new friend to play with!

On our way back home, Tuffey was cuddled up in my arms (We named him Tuffey later, after the clever and charming dog from our family's go-to film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun). I was already so possessive about him I didn't even hand him to Mom. He slept like a baby throughout the journey. Every few minutes, I kissed and caressed his tiny forehead. Every time the car hit a speed breaker or a pothole, I scolded dad and apologized to Tuffey for his sleep being interrupted. Tuffey would simply twitch a little and resume his childlike snores.

Upon reaching home, we tried to give him some milk, which he reluctantly drank and continued sleeping. He was such a good boy he didn't wake us up even once all night! I was more than happy to share my room with him and was constantly checking up on him. He had this little bed with a small blanket and a pillow that he tremendously loved. The sight of seeing our baby rabbit asleep was a source of pure bliss!

Soon, Tuffey started gelling with us. He was like the most brilliant boy in the class who did a lot of mischief only to prove that he could get away with it! And boy, he did and how! He was my parent's favorite child! Tuffey would run from one corner of the house to the other. The best and the worst thing was he would never get tired! He was a bundle of energy! In our living room, one of the sofas was reserved for him. Nobody except Mom and him was allowed to use it. He would make Mom sit there and then rest his head on her lap and doze off to glory! Dude was truly a king!

I remember a hilarious anecdote. One day, we had a Pooja at home and Mom had kept milk as one of the offerings. The entire set up was at the floor level. Soon after the rituals were done, all of us went back to our chores. Everything was normal when suddenly we heard my Mom shriek. Dad came down sprinting from his home office, I almost skated my way down the stairs, Dada even got his cricket bat!

"Where's the burglar?" All of us bellowed in unison.

"Burglar? Who said there's been a burglary?" My astonished mom asked.

"Then why did you shout?" Dada quizzed, perplexed.

"Because, finally, the Lord has answered my prayers!" Mom said excitedly.

"Are you feeling unwell? Should I call the doctor?" My worried Dad asked.

"God drank the milk that I'd offered! See for yourself, the bowl that contained the milk is spotless! Join your hands and thank the Lord for blessing us." Mom ordered and everyone followed.

While all of us were praying, Dad spotted something behind a table placed next to the Pooja setup. He smiled and called all of us to witness the most delightful visual at the scene of the crime. Between the wall and the table, Tuffey was out like a light, snoring his famous snores. But the best thing was the milk droplets all over his whiskers! All of us were rolling in the aisles!

Dad looked at Mom and said, "It was Lord Tuffey who drank the milk and blessed us!"

Indeed, Tuffey was an angel in disguise who blessed our lives with his presence, although for a short span of time. We miss him to bits and pieces and will always love him.

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